Drain Repair Services in Toronto, Ontario

A clogged drain is more than a headache. For homeowners, drainage problems disrupt the smooth flow of their home.

Let Leaside Plumbing and Heating ease your worries. We’ve got extensive knowledge to repair broken drains. Our comprehensive drain repair services are just what you need!

Professional Drain Repair Services

Whether you require a major repair, an upgrade, or top-notch maintenance, you can depend on us to bring you the following services:

  • Drainage System
    Leave your drainage system to us! Our technicians are knowledgeable in drain cleaning, ensuring that debris and dirt are removed from your drains and pipes. We also do repairs and installation.
  • New Water Service
    When you decide to upgrade your water systems, count on Leaside to bring you outstanding new water services.
  • Camera Inspections
    Every project we take on, we do a thorough evaluation of the problem to come up with the right solution. Our camera inspection technique helps us see the internal portion of your underground drain by inserting a small camera, designed to go through every inch and crevice inside your drainage system.
  • No-Dig Technology
    Leaside can solve your drainage problems without having to resort to digging holes or creating unnecessary openings. Our no-dig technology ensures that problems are resolved while keeping our client’s house or building intact.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Drains
    Drains in the kitchen and bathroom must be well maintained so these will function properly. A simple clog might soon become a major headache that will also hurt your wallet. Let Leaside prevent your drainage system from becoming a larger problem.

Our Commitment to our Clients

We always place our clients at the top of our priority list. Because our clients put their trust in us, Leaside always makes it a point that they are rewarded with outstanding results. We achieve the following through:

  • Quick Action
    Clogged drains cannot wait. Such problems can cause extreme stress and disruption. When you call Leaside, expect a drain expert to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Friendly Attitude
    A friendly attitude is a way to treat clients with utmost professionalism. By being approachable, our Leaside experts create a pleasant working environment and a comfortable collaboration with the client.
  • Reliable Solutions
    We’ve been in the plumbing and heating industry for more than 25 years. Over the years, we’ve gained the needed expertise and learned many effective techniques to perform our tasks that will bring 100% client satisfaction.


My experience with Curtis was fantastic. We encountered very strong odours in the house, called Leaside Plumbing immediately, they sent Curtis and the problem was identified and rectified right away. Curtis and his crew completed the work in a professional and timely manner and we would highly recommend his services, as well as the services of Leaside Plumbing, to others.

Christine Duncanson

Experience the Leaside Advantage

Leaside Plumbing and Heating offers cost-effective solutions to drainage problems in residential properties in Toronto. Our fast effective service gives you the assurance that whenever a situation involving your drains arises, you can rely on our Leaside experts to deliver a fast resolution.

If you need a drain assessment or an expert consultation, contact us at:

East Toronto: 416-423-8682
West Toronto: 416-235-1510

You can also visit our Contact page to book an appointment.